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Qualified Persons and Installers

Engineers, Qualified Persons, Installers, and Cleaners

Installing, replacing, or altering a system in Nova Scotia must only be completed by individuals recognized under the On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations. This includes pumping of systems and portable rest rooms.

Below is a list of the categories recognized by our regulations.

  • Professional Engineers – Can select or design systems in accordance with the Standard or request approval for system designs that cannot meet the Standard.
  • Qualified Persons (QPs) – Can select pre-designed systems from the Standard.
  • Installers – The contractors who build the systems.
  • Septic Tank Cleaner – Those who pump, clean, and maintain systems and portable rest rooms.

Professional Engineers are licensed to practice by Engineers Nova Scotia.

QPs, Installers and Septic Tank Cleaners are certified by Nova Scotia Environment. Someone working in any of the above recognized areas must be certified for each area of the program they work in.

To find people who work in the on-site industry please visit the Wastewater Nova Scotia website for a list of engineers, qualified persons, installers, or cleaners in your area.

For information on how to apply to become a Septic Installer, please click here.