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Wetland Functional Assessment Training Workshop: Testing the Applicability of WESPUS in Nova Scotia

This workshop was taught by Paul Adamus from Oregon State University August 13-15, 2013 in Halifax. The 23 participants were introduced to a version of the WESPUS (Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol for the United States) wetland assessment method that had been adapted for evaluating wetland function in Alberta. WESPUS is a rapid wetland functional assessment protocol with simple spreadsheet models that produce relative estimates of 16 ecosystem services of any wetland in temperate North America. Originally published in the U.S. in 1983 and tested in Maine, the protocol has evolved and has recently been customized and calibrated to wetlands in southern Alberta and parts of Alaska. The State of Oregon requires its use in all wetland permit applications. The class included practice assessments of 3 wetlands in the Halifax area. Participants learned how to interpret and use the outputs to prioritize wetlands in a watershed or community, as well as identify ways to enhance specific wetland functions, and evaluate impacts for wetland alteration applications and compensation.

Although NSE currently recommends the use of NovaWET for doing functional assessments as part of Wetland Alteration Approvals, we are evaluating the WESPUS method and are considering adopting it as another acceptable method.

The new version of WESP (calculator and data forms), revised to reflect changes identified from recent Alaska field work and peer review, as well as comments from the Halifax participants has now been posted here. This version will likely be used as a template moving forward with a regionalization for all or part of the Maritimes, so any new assessments would best be done using this version.

WESPUS class participants at Rainbow Haven salt marsh, August 2013.

Urban Wetland and Watershed Restoration Workshop 2012

One of the primary objectives on the Nova Scotia Wetland Conservation Policy is to increase awareness of the importance of wetlands and promote stewardship of wetlands among Nova Scotians. This includes developing and delivering education programs directed towards the general public, students, landowners, municipal planning staff, professional wetland practitioners and industry stakeholders (e.g., real estate agents, developers, forestry operators, farmers, etc.). The information on this page summarizes some of our efforts to meet this objective.

Workshop Presentations (others will be added if supplied by presenters)PDF Download Link (PDF:147k).