Respectful Workplace Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Respectful Wrokplace

The Government of Nova Scotia is committed to a healthy, safe and supportive workplace and is committed to providing a work environment that values diversity and where all persons are treated with respect and dignity. It is the right of all employees to work in an environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

Harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination (offensive behaviour) affect the workplace and the well-being of individuals and will not be tolerated. Whether the source of the offensive behaviour comes from within government or outside, any allegation of offensive behaviour will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly. This policy promotes awareness, prevention, and prompt resolution of offensive behaviour.

It is the intent of this policy to promote employee involvement in resolving situations. Resolution through the informal process is encouraged, as is the use of mediation, at any stage.

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of the protected characteristics set out in the Act. The government’s policy goes beyond the parameters of legislation by prohibiting other types of workplace harassment.