Age-Friendly Communities

Nova Scotia has one of the oldest aging populations in Canada. By 2030, there will be close to 260,000 people aged 65 or older in Nova Scotia. This demographic shift is an opportunity for communities to plan and take action – action that optimizes the advantage and resource of an older population and recognizes the important role that older adults play in the social, cultural and economic life of their communities.

Age-friendly communities enable everyone to participate, while being intentionally inclusive of older adults in all their diversity. Age-friendly community should consider eight areas for action:

  • outdoor spaces and buildings
  • transportation
  • housing
  • social participation
  • respect and social inclusion
  • civic participation and employment
  • communication and information
  • community support and health services

Nova Scotia’s municipal governments and other stakeholders can play a key role in promoting and supporting age-friendly communities.

Age-Friendly Communities Grant

The Age-Friendly Communities Grant supports age-friendly community planning and collaborative, innovative, and locally-based solutions that enhance the social and economic contributions of older adults in rural and urban communities across Nova Scotia.

Who can apply?

Municipal governments, registered non-profit organizations, registered charitable organizations, registered associations, and universities may apply for an Age-Friendly Communities Grant.
Businesses and individuals are not be eligible for funding.

What sort of projects could this grant program support?

Consideration will be given to:

  • Consultation and planning projects that result in robust community action plans. These projects must be in partnership with local government and include consultations and engagement of older adults, the broader community, and key stakeholders throughout the entire planning process.
  • Development and implementation projects for new programs, policies, services, tools, resources and/or events that have been identified through a consultative or community planning process.

For more information about the purpose of the grant and what the grant will support, contact the Department of Seniors at

For more information on age-friendly community planning, please download this brochure.
English AFC Planning Brochure