Age-friendly communities grant

The Age-Friendly Communities Grant program provides funding for projects that help older Nova Scotians stay active, healthy and engaged in their communities.

The program provides funding for community-wide efforts to create age-friendly environments and promote healthy aging. It also supports initiatives that will positively impact the lives of older adults in Nova Scotia.

The grant, administered by the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care, provides funding up to $25,000 per initiative.

Funding streams

The grant has 2 funding streams: planning and projects.

Planning stream

This stream supports initiatives that prioritize collaboration between sectors or groups — including local government, community organizations and older adults themselves — to assist communities in Nova Scotia to best support aging populations.

Projects funded in the planning stream may focus on:

  • understanding community assets, needs and gaps related to population aging – which in turn, could be used to inform community programs and support services, or efforts to improve existing community resources
  • designing spaces, systems or infrastructure to enable more older adults to continue living independently and healthily in their community
  • improving older adults’ awareness and navigation of health, community and social support services or programs

Initiatives must be in partnership with local government. They need to include consultation and engagement with older adults, the broader community and key stakeholders.

Projects stream

This stream supports projects that help older Nova Scotians stay active, healthy and engaged in their communities. These projects help older adults to overcome social isolation, support quality of life during COVID-19, or promote more diverse and engaged communities.

Projects funded in the planning stream may focus on:

  • addressing ageism
  • supporting the social participation and inclusion of older adults
  • intergenerational projects
  • addressing social isolation, loneliness
  • developing community supports for persons with dementia
  • promoting and improving physical activity and nutrition
  • expanding awareness of injury prevention
  • promoting volunteerism among older adults and other generations
  • engaging seniors in the community through the mentoring of others
  • preventing or expanding awareness of elder abuse and fraud, including financial abuse
  • improving older adults’ awareness and access to community supports and resources, and navigating access to government benefits
  • supporting older adults’ adoption of technology through community or virtual programming
  • development and delivery of virtual programming that help older adults to stay informed and connected, and support lifelong learning
  • promotion of age-friendly business practices

See the grant guidelines for project examples.

Funding amounts

Funding is available for up to $25,000 per initiative.

Requests for the maximum contribution must involve a large-scale, in-depth initiative or provincial initiative.

Most smaller-scale community projects receive a maximum contribution of up to $10,000 per initiative.

Application deadlines

Applications will be accepted for this grant opportunity until 11:00pm AST on 10 December 2021.

Expected timing

Application period:
Open: 5 October 2021
Close: 11:00pm AST on 10 December 2021

Assessment of applications:
Within 6 weeks from date of close (due to Christmas break), completed by 21 January 2022

Notification of outcome:
8 weeks from date of close , 4 February 2022

Award of grant agreements and funding:
12 weeks from date of close, 4 March 2022


To apply for a grant, you must be one of the following:

  • a registered not-for-profit organization, registered not-for profit cooperative, registered charity, or registered association based in Nova Scotia
  • a local government including municipalities, a First Nations band, or Tribal Council
  • a university based in Nova Scotia or not-for-profit secondary institution based in Nova Scotia

Partnerships with local government and between 2 or more organizations are encouraged.

Businesses and individuals can’t apply.

How to apply

Complete the application form.

  1. Review detailed program criteria in the grant guidelines.
  2. Check the application for details on all required supporting documents.
  3. Complete the application and submit it, along with any supporting documents, by email to

Before you start

Review AFC Grant Guidelines carefully before applying.

Make sure you have letters of support from partners indicating their cash or in-kind contribution and how they will work with you.

If you’re not sure if your project fits this funding opportunity and would like to talk more about it, contact us.