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E-Land Registry

More than 139,000 transactions affecting real property are registered in the provincial Land Registration Offices each year, about 630 transactions per work day. That means that, traditionally, more than 400 books of documents were registered each year. The E-Land Registry team has converted all historical books, plans, and indices to electronic format. Uploads are complete save for a small amount of the oldest volumes where indexing and file improvement are required before uploading.

For more information on image quality and the e-land registry please see the FAQ section after the status table.

Reporting Image Quality Issues

Image quality issues should be sent to Ask Property Online A Question. Please use the link titled "Technical and Image Quality Issues" and complete all mandatory fields as well as provide a detailed explanation of the image issue. The document scanning team will address each ticket in priority sequence. We will adhere to the promised two day turnaround times for ticket resolutions.

  • Land Registration Offices (LRO's) where the original documents or plans are not available on site will take priority over sites where inventory is still at the LRO's.
  • When sending a request please include the county; any referenced plan numbers, book and page numbers, drawer numbers, as well as the level of urgency of your request.
  • Please be as detailed as possible when making image related ticket requests. We are finding that many image replacement requests are really requests to read a particular area of the plan and by zooming in it can be read, or the area of the plan that is not readable is the area we need to focus on and the request does not indicate what that area is. Specifics as to the unreadable text or lot information are very helpful to support staff so they may concentrate on making the requested info readable even if other portions of a document plan are not so. In many cases the condition/age of the originals determines the overall readability of the online scanned image. It is possible in some cases, however, to enhance portions of documents and plans while other sections remain unreadable based on original condition.
  • When an image related ticket request results in replacing a particularly poor image with the best image attainable based on the condition of the original a watermark will be placed on the image indicating this. This will prevent future image related requests for the same image issue.

Image Ticket Turn Around Times For e-Land Offices

A Land Registration Office (LRO) is considered e-land when the document and plan inventory has been scanned and uploaded to Property Online and the original inventory is no longer accessible at the LRO. In this case tickets where an online image is deemed not as readable as the original record by the image support staff, the searching community will have access to the best image possible within two days of the original request.

  • Image quality issues should be reported through Ask Property Online A Question. Once a ticket is received the imaging support team will assess each ticket in priority sequence and correct and replace the image if the existing image can be improved upon. If the method to reproduce the image is such that more than two days is required, an email will be sent to the client. A copy of the original record can then be provided upon request.
  • The process for urgent image replacement requests does not apply to situations where the original plans and documents are still on site at the Land Registration Office and accessible for all clients. See the E-Land Registry Status table for a list of Land Registration Offices where the documents and plans are either onsite or have been removed for offsite storage.
  • Where an LRO still has documents onsite but the records have been scanned and uploaded to POL requests for image replacements can still be made but because the original records are still accessible, the two-day turnaround time does not apply.