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Buying Property/House

Deed Transfer Tax

In most Nova Scotia Municipal Units, there is a tax on the transfer of land, payable to that Municipality. This link provides a listing of each Municipal Unit, whether or not it collects a deed transfer tax and if so, what the rate is.

Property Valuation

When property owners receive their assessment notice for residential properties, it includes a Personal Identification Number (PIN) along with the Assessment Number. By entering this information at Property Assessment Online you can look up assessment information about your property.

Nova Scotia Barristers' Society (NSBS)

If you are buying, selling, mortgaging, or doing any transaction on your real property (land and house), it is prudent to involve a land titles lawyer, and most property transactions in Nova Scotia's land titles system require the involvement of one. The link below takes you to a search tool for lawyers by name or location on the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society web site.   Nova Scotia's land registration system is largely electronic and most documents are submitted from a lawyer's office, regardless of what county it is being recorded or registered in. Therefore the lawyer providing professional services to complete the transaction can be anywhere in Nova Scotia; he/she is not restricted to being in the county in which the affected property is located.   The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society is the governing body for the legal profession in Nova Scotia. Under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act, the Society is responsible for both the licensing and discipline of the profession.

Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors (ANSLS)

You may need the services of a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor. Professional Land Surveying includes advising on, reporting on, supervising of or conducting surveys to determine the horizontal and vertical position of any point and the direction and length of any line required to control, establish, locate, define or describe the extent or limitations of title. The ANSLS exists in order to serve and protect the public interest, preserve the integrity of the profession, and maintain public confidence in the ability of the profession to regulate itself.

The Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® (NSAR)

NSAR provides REALTORS® with services and representation when buying or selling real property (land or house). If you require the services of a Real Estate Agent. the link below will take you to the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors.

The Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission (NSREC) is the regulator of the Real Estate Industry in Nova Scotia. The link below will take you to the NSREC:

Canadian Bankers Association

If you are purchasing real property (land or house), you may need the services of a financial institution. The following is a link to the Canadian Bankers Association's list of contacts for all major banks and financial institutions.

Buying a Condo

What is a condo? Who owns what? What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning one? This site will help you understand condominium ownership, explain how condo corporations are operated, what costs are involved in ownership, and what to watch for when buying a new or existing condominium.