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Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Natural Products Marketing Council

Jobber Licence

Who Needs This Licence?

A Jobber Licence permits a licensee to distribute a fluid dairy product made from cow's milk from a distribution location under an approved Distributor Licence to any of the following:

  • a storekeeper at a retail location for resale

  • a final consumer at the address where the product will be consumed.

A Jobber Licence is subject to the Dairy Industry Act and regulations, as well as any Terms and Conditions imposed by the Natural Products Marketing Council.

Issuing Department / Agency:
Natural Products Marketing Council
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
Where can you get this Licence and / or further information?
Natural Products Marketing Council
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Tel: 902-893-5943
Fax: 902-893-6573
Office Location:
Harlow Institute Building
Nova Scotia Agricultural College
176 College Road
Truro, NS  B2N 2P2

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 890
Truro, NS  B2N 5G6
Application Forms & Process:

A holder of a Distributor Licence must apply to the Natural Products Marketing Council for a Jobber Licence on behalf of a Jobber Licence candidate. An application form is available from the Natural Products Marketing Council.

If approved by the Natural Products Marketing Council, a Jobber Licence will be issued to the holder of the Distributor Licence to be forwarded to the holder of a Jobber Licence.

Waiting Period:

The waiting period is contingent on an application and all required information being submitted, as well as the meeting schedule of the Natural Products Marketing Council.

Expiry & Renewal:
A Jobber Licence is valid to December 31 for the calendar year in which it is issued.
Price:  (No tax is charged)
A fee of $5 must be submitted with an application for each Jobber Licence, with a cheque payable to Natural Products Marketing Council.
Related Requirements:
Additional Information:
Legislative Authority:
Dairy Industry Act, Acts of 2000.

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