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Department of Natural Resources

Scaler's Licence

Who Needs This Licence?
Any individual or organization involved in the scaling of Primary Wood Products (pulpwood, sawlogs, etc.), other than the weighing only of those products, in quantities exceeding one thousand cubic metres per year in Nova Scotia must use the services of a licensed scaler to scale those products.
Issuing Department / Agency:
N.S. Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Division
Where can you get this Licence and / or further information?
Supervisor of Scaling
Forestry Division
15 Arlington Place
Suite 7, 2nd floor
Truro, NS B2N 0G9
Phone: 902-893-5711
Fax: 902-893-6102
Application Forms & Process:
An application form for either a Scaling School or a refresher course can be obtained from the Truro Office of the N.S. Department of Natural Resources. Forms are also available on line at: When completed, it is submitted to that office.

An applicant must normally attend a training course, pass an examination presented by the Board of Examiners and administered as part of the annual Scaler's School, obtain necessary experience and be recommended by an Active Licenced Scaler before the Board of Examiners will recommend that a licence be approved. Minimum experience will be considered the scaling of 500 cords for pulpwood licence or 200,000 board feet for sawlog licence.

If all requirements are met, the licence can be sent to the applicant by mail.

Waiting Period:
2 months, provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received.

The applicant must obtain minimum job experience within 2 years of passing examination.

Expiry & Renewal:
This licence is considered "Active" for 5 years from the date it is issued. It can be renewed by successfully completing a Scaler Refresher Course. Candidates requiring a refresher course are notified by the Department. (see Additional Information, below)

Price:   (HST is included)

Initial Application and Renewal
Licence fee: $12.43 plus HST
Scaler School fee: $62.30 plus HST
Refresher Course fee: $31.17 plus HST

Related Requirements:
None. However, candidates are advised that the course is quite difficult to complete without some scaling background.

Additional Information:
  1. Once licensed, a Scaler must attend a refresher course every five years. Failure to attend a Refresher course results in the Scaler being placed on an inactive list. Upon completion of a Refresher course, the Scaler is re-instated as an Active Licensed Scaler.

    Inactive Scalers are not allowed to scale.

  2. An applicant shall scale in accordance with an approved manual of procedures.

  3. No licence is required to weigh primary forest products (without deduction), grade or count Christmas trees. A scaling licence is not required if a person or organization is involved in the measurement of primary wood products in quantities less than one thousand cubic metres per year.

  4. The supervisor of scaling conducts a scaling course annually (usually five days in the Fall) to prepare applicants to take the exam.

  5. The supervisor of scaling schedules an annual refresher course (2 days in Fall) for Licenced scalers.

  6. The licence may apply to stacked wood only, sawlogs only or all Primary Wood Products.
Legislative Authority:
Scalers Act, Chapter 11 of the Acts of 2001.

Scaling Regulations

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