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Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fish Buyer Licence

Who Needs This Licence?

Anyone who buys fish, fishery products or fishery resources from fishermen in Nova Scotia.

A licence is not necessary for those who:

  1. buy less than 25 kg of fish or fish products per calendar day for personal consumption only;
  2. buy fish or fish products, excluding lobster, for resale in a retail outlet.
  3. are a non-profit organization, buying for resale;
  4. buy fish or fish products from an existing licence holder.
Issuing Department
Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture
Where can you get this Licence and / or further information?

Licensing & Compliance Services Website


Licensing & Compliance Services
Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture
1575 Lake Road, Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0

Mailing Address:
1575 Lake Road
Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0

Tel: 902-875-7439
Fax: 902-875-7429

Licensing & Compliance Services - Contact Us

Application Forms & Process:

An application form must be completed and returned to Licensing Services accompanied by non-refundable licence administration fees in the amount of $265.40 (made payable to the Minister of Finance).

Related Requirements:
Upon receipt of a completed application, the applicant will receive a Letter of Intent outlining compliances that must be met prior to the actual licence being issued. A copy of this letter is also sent to other agencies involved with the process.
Waiting Period:
Price: (No tax is charged)
Initial Application: $265.40 (non-refundable)

Annual Licence: Calculated by species group and not by the number of species within that group.
  1. Groundfish: $530.75
  2. Pelagic: $132.65
  3. Shellfish: $265.40
  4. Other: $132.65
  5. Aquaculture Products: $132.65
Expiry & Renewal:
A licence expires on December 31 of the calendar year for which it is issued. In order to renew the licence for the following calendar year, the licence holder will receive an Application for Renewal form prior to December 31. This form must be returned, signed and submitted with appropriate fees. Failure to renew the licence within 30 days of the date of expiry will result in the licence being cancelled.
Additional Information:
A buyer licence is:
  1. In the case of live lobster, issued to applicants who can demonstrate that they have access to facilities which meet specific holding and handling criteria;
  2. Issued subject to the licence policy of the day and upon all compliances and regulatory requirements being met; and
  3. Not assignable or transferable by the licence holder

A licence may be amended, suspended or terminated by the Minister. The licence holder will be notified of the pending action and may apply for a hearing to show cause why their licence should not be amended, suspended or terminated.

A licence will be cancelled if the fish buyer is not in compliance with the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act, the Nova Scotia Fish Buyers' Licensing and Enforcement Regulations, or the Nova Scotia Fish Inspection Regulations.

Legislative Authority:
Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1996, Chapter 25, as amended 1999, Chapter 2

Fish Buyers' Licensing and Enforcement Regulations, Nova Scotia Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act

Nova Scotia Fish Inspection Regulations, Nova Scotia Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act.

Nova Scotia Fish Processors and Fish Buyers Licence Policy, Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture

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