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Special Move: Over-Dimension Permit (Single-trip or Annual)

Who Needs This Permit?
Anyone who wants to move a vehicle on a public road in Nova Scotia which is over-sized in one or more of the following ways:
  1. has an extension [boom extension] that is greater than 1 meter in front of the vehicle or greater than 2 meters at the rear of the vehicle, or
  2. is higher than 4.15 meters (13 feet, 6 inches) [which is the standard legal height across Canada, except for Prince Edward Island], or
  3. is wider than 2.6 meters (102 inches), or
  4. is longer than 23 meters (75 feet).

For more information, see Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles Regulations - .

Issuing Department / Agency:
Business Registration Unit
Service Nova Scotia

Where can you get this Permit and / or further information?
Online: Self-Serve Online Permit Service -

Applications for these Permits are normally received by fax, but you can apply in writing to:
Business Registration Unit
Service Nova Scotia
P.O. Box 1529
Halifax, NS  B3J 2Y4

Fax: 902-424-4633 Attention:  Special Move Permits
Application Forms & Process:
When applying for this Permit, you must provide us with the following information:

  1. Name of the company or individual and contact information (for initial setup);
  2. Fax and Phone Number;
  3. Master Number (Nova Scotia Carrier Number) for initial setup, National Safety Code Number for out of province registered vehicles and "DOT" number for out of country registered vehicles;
  4. Plate number of the vehicle and configuration;
  5. Trailer plate number;
  6. Type of load:  Over-dimension: Height / width / length of load.
  7. Registered weight;
  8. Axle spreads (in groups) and weights;
  9. Start and end points of trip;
  10. Commodity (what is being transported);
  11. Indicate if an Annual Special Move Permit is in effect;
  12. Date(s) the permit will be needed; and
  13. Visa, MasterCard or American Express number, expiry date andname of cardholder, as it appears on the card.
Receiving the Permit:

If approved, the permit is sent by fax to the applicant, unless a specific request is made to have the permit mailed.

Waiting Period:

SMP Online Self-Serve permits can be applied for and printed by the carrier within minutes.

Applications received by phone, fax, and mail are normally processed within 1 business day of being received. Some applications may take longer, depending on their complexity. For instance, a special circumstance permit (for dimensions over 5.5 meters width, 30 meter length or 4.8 meters height) requires Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal approvals, and is normally processed within 7 business days. Permits requested with a width greater than 7.9 meters may require 10 business days for approval.

Expiry & Renewal:
If it is a single trip permit, one-way or return, it is valid from point A to point B and expires at the end of the trip.

If it is an annual permit, it can be renewed, and the renewal time is 1 year from the date it was first issued. The renewal process is started by the permit holder, not the department
Price & Payment: (No tax is charged)

The price of this permit varies, depending upon how many over-size factors are involved. 

Note: A combination package which covers all factors can be purchased for $100.

Boom Extension: Annual = $15

Greater than 4.15 metres to 4.27 metres: Single-trip = $19.85 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 4.27 metres: Single-trip = $33.10 / Annual = $133.25

Greater than 2.60 metres to 3.05 metres: Single-trip = $13.20 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 3.05 metres to 4.27 metres: Single-trip = $19.85 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 4.27 metres to 5.49 metres: Single-trip = $26.10
Greater than 5.49 metres: Single-trip = $33.10

Greater than 23.00 metres to 25.00 meters: Single-trip = $19.85 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 25.00 metres to 30.00 metres: Single-trip = $26.10 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 30.00 metres: Single-trip = $33.10

Front Overhang:
Greater than 1.00 metres: Single-trip = $3.50 / Annual = $19.85

Rear Overhang:
Greater than 2.00-3.05 (m): Single-trip = $13.20 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 3.05-5.00 (m): Single-trip = $19.85 / Annual = $133.25
Greater than 5.00: Single-trip = $33.10 / Annual = $133.25

Note:  In addition to the fee, there is a $5 fax charge for each permit delivered by this method.

Methods of Payment:

Payment by Mail: Cheque, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express
Payment by Telephone or Fax: Visa, MasterCard or American Express

Related Requirements:
Additional Information:
Please refer to the document Over-Dimensional Move Conditions (PR5033)
Legislative Authority:

Motor Vehicle Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 293, Section 191.

Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles Regulations, made under Section 191 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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