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About the Special Move Permit

A special move permit is issued to allow the movement upon the highway of vehicle laden or unladen which exceeds the legal weight limits or the legal dimensions limits set out in the Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles Regulations made pursuant to Section 191 of Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, the Motor Vehicle Act.

A Special Move Permit is required because the Nova Scotia roadway system is designed to accommodate vehicles of certain standard sizes and dimensions. As a result, restrictions are applied for oversized moves greater than 2.6 metres in width, or 4.15 metres in height or 23 metres and varying weights depending on axle configuration.

Conditions and Regulations

Waiting Period

Applications are normally processed within 1 business day of being received. Applications for exceptional moves require approval by Transportation and Public Works and are subject to a 7 day turnaround depending on their complexity.

Receiving the Permit

When approved the special move permit is sent by fax to the applicant. Please note that an additional $5.00 charge is applied to all faxed permits. The option is also available to have the permit mailed - this must be specified at the time of application.

Areas of Responsibility


The development of policies with respect to special move permits is completed by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Issuance of Permits

Issuance of special move permits is done by Access Nova Scotia.


Approval by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal is needed for all exceptional moves. All approvals are subject to a 7 day turn around, please plan ahead.


Vehicle Compliance.