Wildfire emergency updates and support

Updates about wildfires in Nova Scotia and support and recovery information.


Fire restrictions Burning restrictions are updated at 2:00 pm daily.
Emergency and disaster preparedness Learn what to do before, during and after an emergency.
Recovery Support Updates on recovery support.

Fine for violating daily burn restrictions

Starting 16 May 2024, the fine for violating daily burn restrictions is $25,000. Daily burn restrictions also now apply to provincial, municipal and private campgrounds (National parks are under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada). Learn more: Fire Proclamation (PDF).

Mental health resources

Support for mental health and wellbeing is available for children, youth and adults.

Recovery support

Fuel oil tanks

During a wildfire, your home heating oil tank may have been affected by the heat of the fire or damaged by falling debris and firefighting activities. It’s important to take steps to keep you and your family safe.

Property insurance claims

If you need help finding your assessment account number or parcel identification number (PID) for insurance claim purposes, contact Land Programs at 1-800-670-4357 or rglandtitles@novascotia.ca (they can help you free of charge).

Recovery resources

Well water testing

If you have a well and live in an area that was evacuated because of wildfires, take steps to make sure your drinking water is safe. Before your test, you need to flush and disinfect your well and wait for 5 days before sampling. You also need to drop off your sample on the same day you took it.

Well water resources

News releases

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