Seniors’ Pharmacare Program

Seniors’ Pharmacare Program

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The province is no longer going ahead with planned premium increases to the Seniors' Pharmacare Program. In the future, government plans a full consultation with seniors across the province.

Right now, we will only make changes to the Program that

  • allow more seniors to be exempt from paying a premium
  • qualify more seniors to pay a reduced premium

No other changes will be made until after we have held the consultations with seniors.

Seniors on a guaranteed income supplement will continue to be exempt from paying premiums and the co-payment will remain at 30 per cent per prescription to a maximum of $382 per year.

This calculator will help you estimate whether you will pay a Seniors' Pharmacare premium for the 2016-2017 Program year.

Calculate Your Seniors' Pharmacare Premium

Please note: None of the information you enter into this form will be saved or collected; it exists only to provide you with an estimated Seniors’ Pharmacare premium.

If you have any questions about your premium or Seniors Pharmacare, please contact us.

Marital Status
For Single Seniors:

Enter the amount in Line 150 of your Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment.

For example, if your household income is $45,000, you would enter that below.

For Married/Common Law Seniors:

Pharmacare uses Line 150 of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment. If income splitting applies, Pharmacare uses Line 150 (Total Income) minus Line 210 (Deduction for elected split-pension amount) for the person whose income is being split, and Line 150 for the other person in the couple.

To calculate your total household income, add the amount in Line 150 of the CRA Notice of Assessment for both you and your partner. If you pension split, reduce the total by Line 210 of the CRA Notice of Assessment of the person whose pension is split.

For example:
Line 150    $50,000  Spouse #1
Line 150    $30,000  Spouse #2
Line 210    -15,000  Spouse #1
TOTAL       $65,000

You would enter $65,000.
Calculated Annual Individual Premium:

Single seniors earning less than $22,986 will not pay a premium while those earning $22,986 to $35,000 will pay up to $424/year.

Couples with a combined income between $26,817 and $40,000 will each pay a reduced premium of less than $424 per year.


The Seniors' Pharmacare Program pays for drugs and devices which are indicated as benefits in the Nova Scotia Formulary.

To be eligible for benefits under the Program, an individual must:

  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia,
  • Be age sixty-five (65) years and over,
  • Have a valid Nova Scotia Health Card, and
  • Not have prescription drug coverage under any other plan or program.


Program information and enrolment packages are mailed to residents with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card approximately three months prior to their 65th birthday. Program details can be found in our Seniors’ Pharmacare Program – Information Booklet. For more information or to receive an enrolment package, call 429-6565 (local) or 1-800-544-6191 (toll free) Monday to Friday.

All of the changes discussed above come into effect April 1. Until then, members will continue to receive benefits under the current Program.

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Benefits and Reimbursement

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Registration Form (PDF) – Use this form to apply to the Seniors’ Pharmacare Program

Copayment Options Form (PDF) – Use this form to indicate how you want to pay your copayment

Billing Choices Form (PDF) – Use this form to indicate how you want to pay your premium

CRA Consent Form (PDF) – Complete this form to have your income verified by CRA


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Nova Scotia Pharmacare Programs
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