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Cape Split Repairs Begin Saturday, July 26
Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are being asked to stay away from Cape Split in Kings County, as work gets underway to repair recent storm damage. - 2014/07/25 - 17:53
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2014 Woodland Owners of The Year Announced
Hiram and Ernest Carver, John Simons, and Richard Rowter are the 2014 Woodland Owners of the Year in the western, central and eastern regions, respectively. The Carvers are also the Provincial Woodland Owners of the Year. - 2014/07/18 - 09:37
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Grants Awarded To Promote Mineral Exploration
NOTE: A list of 2014 grant recipients and amounts follows at the end of this release. Ten prospector grants totalling about $90,000 and 15 advanced project grants totalling $455,000 were announced today, July 16, to help find and develop mineral deposits across the province. - 2014/07/16 - 11:53
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La plupart des parcs sont maintenant ouverts
Les travaux pour réparer les dommages causés par la tempête post-tropicale Arthur sont en cours. La plupart des parcs provinciaux sont ouverts et fonctionnent à peu près normalement. - 2014/07/16 - 10:00
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