A new Biodiversity Act and the Biodiversity Council

On March 14, 2019 , the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables introduced an Act to Provide for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Nova Scotia in the legislature. The Biodiversity Council, established on May 22, 2018 , helped craft this new legislation for the province that will enable Nova Scotia to improve the conservation and sustainable use of wild species and ecosystems in flexible and adaptive ways, address legislative gaps and manage emerging risks.

For additional information, you can find the proposed Act on the Nova Scotia Legislature website

For additional information, refer to the Biodiversity Council's Terms of Reference.

owl for biodiversityThe Department of Natural Resources and Renewables is committed to making knowledge and information on biodiversity in Nova Scotia available to all. The following information related to wild species, species at risk, ecosystems and habitats, and the sustainable use of wild species are the beginnings of a biodiversity portal that will be a focal point for biodiversity knowledge and information in Nova Scotia. We hope this portal will improve awareness and understanding of biodiversity and support stewardship action. As outlined in the strategy "The Path We Share," Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Library is also committed to reporting on the state of biodiversity in Nova Scotia. As this reporting is developed we will make it available on this site.

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