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Changes to Biodiversity Act
The province is introducing changes to the Biodiversity Act to address concerns from provincial stakeholders and ensure collaboration remains a key focus, as was always intended. - 2021/03/23 - 16:30
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Legislation Will Accelerate Land Title Claims in Historic African Nova Scotian Communities
The Rankin government is introducing legislation that will help speed up the settling of land claims and address land ownership inequities in five historic African Nova Scotian communities. - 2021/03/23 - 13:28
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Recognizing Excellence in Private Woodlot Management
Private woodlots are vital to maintaining healthy forests and a strong economy. That’s why the province recognizes private woodlot owners for outstanding stewardship and management practices. - 2021/03/16 - 12:20
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Burn Restrictions Begin March 15
Warmer, drier weather in the spring increases the risk of wildfires. That is why Nova Scotians should put safety first and check burn restrictions before starting a fire. - 2021/03/15 - 11:13
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Interdictions de brûlage à compter du 15 mars
Le temps plus chaud et plus sec du printemps augmente le risque de feu de forêt. C'est pourquoi les gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse doivent faire preuve de prudence et vérifier si des interdictions sont en vigueur avant d'allumer un feu. - 2021/03/15 - 11:13
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Biodiversity, Crown Lands Legislation Focuses on Protection of Ecosystems
Today, March 11, the Rankin government introduced the Biodiversity Act — new legislation that will preserve and protect Nova Scotia’s unique ecosystems, wild animals, plants, lakes and forests for future generations. - 2021/03/11 - 15:05
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Provincial Campsite Bookings Begin in April
Now is the time to start planning your summer camping adventure as reservations for Nova Scotia’s provincial parks 2021 camping season open April 6, 7 and 8. - 2021/03/02 - 11:33
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Special Move Permits Available for Forestry Sector
Forestry contractors looking to move wood or equipment over short distances on provincial roads can apply for special move permits prior to spring weight restrictions taking effect. This is a short-term measure to help keep people in the forestry sector working. - 2021/02/04 - 10:29
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