Provincial Volunteer Awards

Nova Scotians appreciate the valuable time and contributions of volunteers.

2021 Provincial Volunteer Awards

The 47th annual Provincial Volunteer Awards ceremony took place on Monday, 20 September 2021.
Watch the Ceremony (YouTube)

47th Annual Provincial Volunteer Awards agenda- Ceremony (PDF 45kb)

47th Annual Provincial Volunteers Program (PDF 1.2 MB)

The next Provincial Volunteer Award ceremony will take place in September 2022. Applications for specialty awards will open in April 2022.

Representative (individual) Volunteer Award

Every municipality and First Nations community in Nova Scotia selects one or more representative volunteer to receive the provincial award. Contact your municipality or First Nations community for details on applications and nominations.

Speciality Awards

Nominations for specialty awards (Youth Volunteer Award, Family Volunteer Award and Nova Scotia Strong Award) will open in April 2022.

A citizens' selection committee will consider all specialty award nominations received.

Youth Volunteer Award

Nominees for the Provincial Youth Volunteer Award must:

  • be a volunteer aged 13 to 24
  • have made a significant contribution to a range of causes, for at least 2 years
  • be willing to be nominated
  • have not previously received this award

Family Volunteer Award

Nominees for the Family Volunteer Award must:  

  • have demonstrated volunteer leadership and consistent caring for their community for at least 5 years
  • be a family of 2 or more people (not a couple), living in the same community
  • be willing to be nominated
  • have not previously received this award

Nova Scotia Strong Award

The Nova Scotia Strong Award recognizes an individual or group who come together to demonstrate resiliency in community during a time or event when people faced tragedy and struggle. Recipients will show that strength comes from community and the deep level of caring Nova Scotians have for one another.

Nominees for the Nova Scotia Strong Award can be individuals, groups or organizations. They must be residents of Nova Scotia, and willing to be nominated.

Applicants can nominate themselves, or someone else can nominate them.

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Did you know?

More than 410,000 Nova Scotians volunteer, contributing an average of 192 hours per year. That’s almost 79 million hour of volunteering!