Food Protection

As of July 1, 2015 the inspection, compliance and enforcement functions from several provincial government departments came together under Nova Scotia Environment.

Nova Scotia has one of the most thorough food safety systems in the Country.

Consumers seek assurances that the food they purchase is safe and of high quality. The Department must, therefore, address issues pertaining to production and product standards, food labelling and traceability, monitoring and inspection, bio-security protocols, food handling education and analytical testing.


As consumers, most of us don't give food safety much thought – unless something goes wrong.

There are several ways to get more education on protecting yourself when it comes to what you eat. Whether it is in the home or eating out, knowing will help to keep you healthy.


As the first step in food production, farms are where food safety begins. In recent years, consumers have demanded more and more proof that the food being produced on farms is free of physical, chemical and biological hazards.


Nova Scotia has a rich and varied history in Food Processing. Our manufacturing ranges from small cottage industries to internationally traded commodities.


Food safety at the retail level is probably the most visible to the general public.