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A healthy society needs a safe and tasty food supply. All three levels of government are responsible for ensuring Nova Scotians eat quality food products. The department’s Food Safety section leads efforts in the province to safeguard health protection. Legislation and education are key tools.

A food safety program can respond to emerging issues of food safety and directly control many contributing factors.

The province inspects and permits retail food services and administers the Provincial Meat Inspection program. We also offer consultation and resource capacity to the agri-food industry with other agencies.

The federal, provincial and territorial governments' Agricultural Policy Framework program allows initiatives to build on existing food safety programs and to develop new measures to enable the tracing of food products, improve food quality and share information.


Foodborne Illness

The following information is available from the Government of Canada's website.

Food Safety at Home

Food Safety at Public Markets

Food Safety During Emergencies

Holiday Food Safety

Infection Control

Agricultural Fairs, Zoos, Petting Zoos and Farms

On Farm Food Safety: Reducing the Risk

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