Employment Income Estimator: Income Assistance and Disability Support Program

When you work and you receive Income Assistance or support from the Disability Support Program, you take home more money every month.

This estimator helps you figure out how much money you get each month.

When you work, your assistance cheque may be adjusted, but you will always end up with more money in total between your earnings and any assistance you receive. Learn more about the Income Assistance policy rules and the Disability Support Program.

Who can use this estimator

You can use this estimator if you work while you’re on Income Assistance or receiving support from the Disability Support Program.

The estimator doesn’t consider any other money you might receive, like child support payments, some special needs, or CPP.

If you want to work but don’t have a job, talk to your caseworker or care coordinator.

Before you start

To use the estimator, you’ll need:

  • your monthly assistance cheque amount (before your earnings are deducted)
  • your net monthly earnings from work (after taxes and deductions)

If you can’t use the estimator, contact your caseworker or care coordinator for help.

Are you working in regular employment or supported employment?

* Supported employment applies to all Disability Support Program participants. Income Assistance clients may participate in supported employment if applicable based on the policy rules.

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