Working while on Income Assistance

You can work while you are receiving Income Assistance. In fact, between your work income and your Income Assistance, you will end up with more money every month. How much? That depends on how much you earn. Read on to learn more.


Regular Employment

Net Monthly Earnings

 Amount that you keep

$0 - $250


$250 - $500

PLUS 75% of any money earned over $250

$500 - $750

PLUS 50% of any money earned over $500

Over $750

PLUS 25% of any money earned over $750


Maggie is an Income Assistance client. She also:

  • Is single.
  • Is renting her home.
  • Has no dependents.
  • Without work, Maggie took home $650 every month from Income Assistance.
  • Maggie got a new job and now earns $750 a month.

Maggie now takes home $1,212 in total every month: $750 in wages plus $462 of Income Assistance.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment involves a person whose physical, mental or cognitive abilities prevent them from working on their own without ongoing support.

Net Monthly Earnings

Amount that you keep

$0 - $350


$350 - $500

PLUS 75% of any money earned over $350

$500 - $750

PLUS 50% of any money earned over $500

Over $750

PLUS 25% of any money earned over $750

If you are not sure which type of employment applies to you, contact your caseworker or call 1-877-424-1177.

Training Allowances

When you receive Income Assistance and take part in an employment-related training program that provides an allowance, you will keep the first $150 per month of that allowance in your assistance. Your caseworker can also help with any employment-related special needs assistance you need to participate in the training program.

Learn more about training and employment supports.

To do

  • Let your caseworker know if you get a new job or become self-employed.
  • Report your net monthly earnings on your income statement and submit it by the deadline each month.

We can help

  • We can help you get a job if you don’t have one.
  • We can help with work-related needs like uniforms, transportation, childcare or related fees such as a driver’s licence or criminal background check.
  • As long as you receive Income Assistance you will continue to receive pharmacare benefits.
  • You may still receive pharmacare benefits for up to 12 months if you stop being a client because of wages or other earned income.  You will need to confirm that your employer does not offer a drug plan.

Learn more

  • Try our online Employment Income Estimator to estimate how much money you will take home:
  • Contact your caseworker or call or visit a Community Services Office. . Your caseworker can answer questions about your earnings and income assistance, and employment supports available.
  • If you are not an Income Assistance client, see information on how to apply.

Download a brochure you can print about working while on Income Assistance (PDF).