Disability Support Program

The Disability Support Program (DSP) serves children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities, long-term mental illness and physical disabilities in a range of community-based, residential and vocational/day programs.

These are voluntary programs designed to support people at various stages of their development and independence.

Programs and resources

  • Disability Support Program Service Request Info Sheet
  • Disability Support Program (DSP) Policy
    This policy provides support to individuals with intellectual/physical disabilities and/or long term mental illness. It includes information on program, financial eligibility and basic and special needs. (Glossary of Terms is located within the DSP Policy.)
  • Alternative Family Support Program
    The Alternative Family Support Program (AFS) supports persons with disabilities in an approved, private family home.
  • Independent Living Support
    Independent Living Support (ILS) is a community based option that provides funding for hours of support services from a Service Provider, based on the assessed needs and circumstances of an eligible participant who is semi-independent and requires support to live on their own.
  • Licensed Homes For Special Care
    These settings provide support and supervision in homes with three or more beds.
  • Direct Family Support for Children
    Direct Family Support for Children (DFSC) and Enhanced Family Support for Children (EFSC) provide funding to enable families to support their child with a disability at home. DFSC and EFSC provide funding for the purchase of respite services to assist with scheduled breaks for family care givers. An enhanced funding component may be available for children and families who meet EFSC eligibility criteria.
  • Flex Program
    The Flex Individualized Funding program provides supports and services to adults with disabilities who live at home with their families or who live independently with support from their family or personal support network. The program provides self-directed and self-managed funding to eligible participants.
  • Standard Household Rate
    The Standard Household Rate is for basis needs like food, clothing, shelter, fuel, utilities and personal items.
  • Adult Service Centres
    Adult Service Centres provide community-based vocational programs for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Protection For Persons in Care
    Under this Act, abuse may be physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, neglect, theft or medical abuse.
  • Wheelchair Recycling Program
    Wheelchairs for children and adults with a net family income that falls within program guidelines.
  • Personal Directives Act (on the Department of Justice site)
    This act enables Nova Scotians to document their wishes regarding what personal care decisions are made for them in the event that they are unable to make these decisions themselves. See also the DCS Service Provider Sample Forms.
  • Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities
    This program offers services to support people with disabilities.
  • Community ACCESS-Ability Program
    This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements.
  • Send an Email About Disability Support Program
    Use our online form.
  • Service Provider Resources
    Resources, forms and information for service providers

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