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April 11, 2023



Current Account (February 2023 vs January 2023)

The net current account surplus widened by 886 billion yen to 1,089 billion yen.

  • The net goods and services deficit narrowed by 664 billion yen to 1,588 billion yen.
  • The net primary income surplus widened by 255 billion yen to 3,114 billion yen.
  • The net secondary income deficit widened by 33 billion yen to 437 billion yen. 


Trade Balance (February 2023 vs January 2023)

The net goods deficit narrowed by 598 billion yen to 1,098 billion yen.

  • Goods exports increased 151 billion yen to 7,986 billion yen.
  • Goods imports decreased 447 billion yen to 9,084 billion yen.


The net services deficit narrowed by 67 billion yen to 490 billion yen.



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Based on Table 6s-a-2 Current Account (seasonally adjusted), Monthly


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