Conservation Officer Honour Roll

A. Harrison Eisenhauer
1885 - 1931

On Saturday, December 12, 1931, the headline of the Halifax Daily Star read “Badly Beaten Game Warden Died in Hospital Today.”

On November 29, 1931, provincial Game Warden A. Harrison Eisenhauer and Herbert L. Fenerty were checking on a complaint of Sunday hunting in the Kearney Lake area of Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

They located two men who resisted when the officers attempted to confiscate their guns.  When the Officers attempted to place them under arrest, two other men sprang from the bushes and attacked them. Both men were beaten, but Eisenhauer’s injuries were more serious than Fenerty’s.

After being beaten with the butt end of a rifle, both men were momentarily rendered unconscious.  It was at this time that the four made good their escape.  With serious head wounds, Eisenhauer was helped by Fenerty , (Fenerty had a fractured rib along with other injuries), to their vehicle and drove to the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.  Fenerty was treated and released but Eisenhauer, was admitted.  The Nova Scotia Police were informed and an investigation started. Eisenhauer died on December 12, 1931.  On Saturday, following the death of Eisenhauer, murder charges were laid against 3 people. The deceased was survived by his wife and five children.  It is interesting to note that A. Harrison Eisenhauer ‘s son, Eric, was a Sub-Ranger for Lands and Forests from November 1957 to September 1982.

Three men were held in Forest Ranger's case.

In honour of A. Harrison Eisenhauer, who died in the line of duty, the Conservation Enforcement Officers Association of Nova Scotia initiated an award in 1985.  This award, called the “Arthur H. Eisenhauer Award” is presented to a member of the association who contributes the most to conservation enforcement.  The award is not given each year, unless an officer contributes beyond the call of duty.  The following is a list of the officers that have received this award:

Mike Kew 1985
Robin Dawe 1986
Keith Beaver 1987
Dougald MacNeil and Eric LeFort 1988
Mike Lowe 1992
John Mombourquette 1993
Blowers Stubbert 1994
Jack Fortune 1995
Mike Hunter 2005
Hugh Gallant 2006

Members of Arthur H. Eisenhauer's family
at the Peace Officer Memorial in Ottawa.



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