Provincial Landscape Viewer

landscape viewer thumbnailProvincially-owned land in Nova Scotia has many demands on it and we must manage this asset sustainably and efficiently. Sustainable land management requires accurate, integrated and easily accessible information that can be used to make better decisions. This allows the Province to use provincially-owned land for public benefit, protect it for future generations and emphasize the values of good stewardship.

The Provincial Landscape Viewer is an online map-based tool that has been developed to:

  • Support ecosystem-based natural resource management and land use planning by government; and
  • Provide interested users with integrated land and natural resource data.

The viewer currently includes data on Nova Scotia’s forests, wildlife, wetlands, Crown lands, and protected areas. A detailed list and descriptions of the data layers available in the viewer can be found on the viewer help page.  Land and resource planners, environmental consultants and other interested individuals and groups can access and use this data. The viewer supports sustainable land and resource management by providing accurate, integrated and easily accessible information to government and external users.

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