Throne Speech Focused on Future, Advancing Province's Priorities

Published by the Premier's Office

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Government announced it will continue to move Nova Scotia forward by sticking to its plan to make life better for families. Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis opened the Fourth Session of the 61st General Assembly of Nova Scotia with the Speech from the Throne. In it, Premier Darrell Dexter outlined how government will advance its plan to continue to do things differently and keep Nova Scotia focused on a better future.


Nova Scotia is changing in a positive and significant way, and government is focused on continuing that trend in the future. Our progress is clear -- the plan is on track, it is working, and this government will continue to move that plan forward to secure a better life for Nova Scotia families. Premier Darrell Dexter

Quick Facts

  • The province's priorities are:
    • creating good jobs and growing the economy
    • better health care for you and your family
    • making life more affordable for families
    • ensuring government lives within its means
  • Nova Scotia is on the verge of some of the largest economic projects in the province's history.
  • jobsHere, the province's plan to create good jobs and grow the economy, is ensuring that Nova Scotia is ready to seize the opportunities on the horizon with a continued focus on innovation, competitiveness and learning.
  • Government has supported the start-up and growth of hundreds of Nova Scotia companies in all parts of the province.
  • The Productivity Investment Program will continue to provide support for employee training and for businesses to invest in new equipment.
  • This year, government will improve the apprenticeship programs that teach young people the skills and trades they will need to make the most of their work lives in Nova Scotia's bright future.
  • Through its workforce and immigration strategies, the province will persist in its efforts to meet growing workforce demands.
  • Through the Jobs Fund, the province will continue to pursue investment opportunities that support and retain industry, help small business, invest in infrastructure, fund regional economic initiatives and offer community economic stability where needed.
  • Businesses in Nova Scotia will also benefit from the third tax rate reduction in as many years.
  • These measures will strengthen the workforce and help grow the economy, ensuring that, as the future starts here, Nova Scotians are ready to be a part of that future.
  • Collaborative emergency centres are a key part of Better Care Sooner, the plan to improve health care for Nova Scotians.
  • The province will continue to announce and open new collaborative emergency centres in communities across the province so Nova Scotians have access to the care they need, when and where they need it.
  • The province will develop a physician resource plan to help ensure an adequate supply of family doctors across Nova Scotia.
  • After extensive consultation, government will soon release the first strategy to improve mental health and addictions care.
  • Making life more affordable for families remains a priority.
  • Last year, the province made the single largest non-capital investment for post-secondary students in Nova Scotia history. Student assistance levels increased, student debt was capped and tuition was kept at, or below, the national level.
  • The Poverty Reduction Credit and the Affordable Living Tax Credit will continue.
  • As introduced last year, government will continue to refund the provincial portion of income tax paid by seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement.
  • Nova Scotians in need of prescription drugs can now get the generic form for the same price, or less, than what is paid by most Canadians.
  • This year, the province will invest more money per student than ever before and will keep average class sizes the lowest they have been in a decade.
  • Kids and Learning First will ensure schools have the resources and supports they need to help every student succeed.
  • SchoolsPlus, the program that brings services for families and children into schools, will soon be available in every county of the province.
  • A new grants program encourages community use of schools, allowing more Nova Scotians to use school facilities for physical activity, and educational and cultural programs.
  • To ensure the province continues to live within its means, government will make further improvements to how it operates and delivers public services.
  • Legislation was also addressed. This year, the province will introduce Status of the Artist legislation to reflect the importance of arts and culture to Nova Scotians. The province will also bring forward bills to establish a new regulatory framework for mortgage brokers and lenders, remove barriers to social enterprise, and update Nova Scotia's body of family law.

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Members of the House of Assembly prepare to listen to Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis read the Speech from the Throne.
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Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis prepares to read the Speech from the Throne.
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Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis inspects the Honour Guard on her way into the House.
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Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis smiles as she chats with a member of the Honour Guard on her way into the House.
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A photo from the House gallery as Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis reads the Speech from the Throne.
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The mace sits at the entrance to the House of Assembly floor during the Speech from the Throne.
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Premier Darrell Dexter listens to Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis read the Speech from the Throne.
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The Throne Speech


Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis, reading the Speech from the Throne, says the province is heading into an era of what promises to be great prosperity.
She says the government is working to ensure young Nova Scotians are trained and ready to benefit from the shipbuilding contract.
The lieutenant-governor says tourism is an important economic driver and to ensure it reaches its potential has established the Special Operating Agency to implement a long-term strategy.
She says the government has taken decisive steps to improve the way emergency heath care is delivered.
She says Nova Scotia is changing in a positive and significant way.