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Contaminated Sites

Arrow/Kurdistan Oily Waste Site

Reports and Work

In the clean up to the oil spills from the Kurdistan (1979) and the Arrow (1970), the province used crown land to place and provide long term management of oily waste material.

There were 9 provincial sites in Richmond and Guysborough counties. There were 18 sites in total, which also included municipal and private lands in Richmond, Guysborough and Cape Breton counties. The 2012 reports below are about detailed testing done in 2010 at 5 of the 9 provincial sites.

The purpose of testing was to determine if there were any petroleum impacts of concern in the soil, groundwater and surface water at these sites. They had never been tested before.

According to the reports, testing found no impacts of concern. Overall, risks to human health and the environment are low at all 9 sites, as most of these sites are located in somewhat remote areas, and the material is a mixture of heavy oil and soil that does not move easily in the environment.

Long term management of the sites was a main report recommendation, through monitoring and maintenance. In addition, all of the sites have been inspected, identified for mapping purposes and evaluated for risk.

Crown Site Reports