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Nova Scotia Environment consists of the following divisions:

Inspection, Compliance, and Enforcement Division
Nova Scotia ICE Division includes roles and responsibilities for most field operations relating to environmental protection, management of natural resources, food safety, farm animal welfare, and meat inspection. The division responds to requests for environmental assistance, approvals, permit and license issuance, and investigations through its regional and district office network. The Division includes:

The Policy division is responsible for building capacity for policy and planning functions of the department, ensuring effective business operations and managing the environmental assessment program.
Sustainability and Applied Science
Driven by scientific and technical evidence, the Sustainability and Applied Science (SAS) Division provides strategic leadership and maintenance of our mandated programs, as well as subject matter expertise and advice. SAS works proactively to ensure that programs function well and meet their intended outcomes through promotion, education and training resources, and working with the other divisions to develop and improve policy and regulatory management tools.