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ICE Division

Nova Scotia Environment’s new Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement Division includes the following roles and responsibilities:

  • public health inspectors and other staff in the Environmental Health Division who support and enforce legislation aimed at protecting health (new body art regulations, tobacco control) and address public health hazards (from the Department of Health and Wellness)
  • conservation officers responsible for protecting forest resources, protected areas, wildlife, parks, beaches, wildfires and investigations, as well as hunting and fishing compliance (Department of Lands and Forestry)
  • staff involved in compliance, regulatory inspection and enforcement of regulations for fish processing, buying and aquaculture (from the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture)
  • regulatory inspectors from the Agriculture and Food Operators branch, most from the Food Protection Division, with a few from the Agriculture Protection Section (from the Department of Agriculture)
  • those responsible for the majority of field operations relating to environmental protection who work on requests for environmental assistance, approvals and investigations (Nova Scotia Environment Compliance Division)

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