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Records Management

Nova Scotia Environment administers and maintains effective controls over the receipt, creation, use, storage, and final disposition of all departmental records, regardless of format, through its records management program. The program ensures that the management of the Department's records is consistent with the Nova Scotia Government Records Act, the Public Archives Act, and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The records management program also ensures the implementation and further development of the Government of Nova Scotia's standardized approach to records management. The Department's records are considered a valuable corporate resource, and therefore, they are appropriately scheduled and managed throughout their life cycle.

The records management program contributes to effective departmental decision-making by providing timely access to records, by ensuring accountability to the public by protecting and preserving records of departmental decisions and activities, and by supporting the delivery of departmental programs and services. The Department maintains and provides access to its records through a centralized records office.