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Environmental Assessment

Project Highlights

Wind / Hydro Energy Project


On December 3, 2007, Cape Breton Explorations Limited, registered a Wind / Hydro Energy Project for environmental assessment, in accordance with Part IV of the Environment Act.

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to construct and operate a hybrid wind/hydro pump storage power generating facility on the hills above Lake Uist, in Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Richmond County. The project includes a 20,000,000 m3 water reservoir, two hydro reversible pump turbines, and up to 44 wind turbines.

Opportunities for Public Input

Comments were accepted on the Terms of Reference between December 3, 2007 and January 21, 2008.

Proponent Contact Information

Luciano Lisi
Cape Breton Explorations Limited
Phone: (902) 539-0147
Fax: (902) 539-4143

Project Documents