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Sempra Gas


The proposed project includes plans to transmit natural gas to 18 counties throughout Nova Scotia. A map of the proposed location can be viewed at the Nova Scotia Department of Department of Environment and Climate Change Library.

Project Status

The proponent is currently in the process of completing the additional information as required by the Minister's decisionPDF Download Link (PDF:10k) of June 13th, 2000, to be submitted as an addendum to the original registration document.


The gas distribution system project proposed by Sempra Atlantic Gas Inc. will include the construction and operation of approximately 1,150 km of high-pressure >3450kPa (500 psig) natural gas pipelines that will transmit gas from the Maritimes and Northeast Pipelines (M&NP) mainline and laterals to lower pressure service pipelines and distribution pipes.

The vast majority of the distribution system will be underground and constructed in existing rights-of-way (ROWs), which will include provincial and municipal highways, roads and streets. Approximately 400 km of former rail ROW is also proposed to be used as a shared easement with rail-trail recreational use.

The undertaking does not include service pipelines and distribution pipes with an operating pressure below 3450kPa (500psig). Sempra Atlantic Gas will construct, operate, and maintain service lines and distribution pipes for the distribution of natural gas to residential, industrial, commercial and institutional customers. The undertaking also does not include the installation and operation of natural gas piping and end use equipment and facilities inside structures owned by customers.

Opportunities for Public Input

Public comments regarding this project were accepted from May 19, 2000 to June 13, 2000. Comments submitted on Registration Document are available at the Department of Environment and Climate Change Library.

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