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Environmental Home Assessment Program (EHAP)

2014/15 was the last year for EHAP. Thank you to all our clients over the past 8 years and we hope you continue to:

  • pump out your septic tank every 3-5 years
  • spread out your water use throughout the week so your septic system will work efficiently and last a long time
  • avoid putting harsh chemicals and cleaners down your drain (contact you municipality for disposal of hazardous chemicals)
  • test your drinking water well every 6 months for bacteria and every 2 years for chemical/mineral quality
  • regularly inspect your oil tank to avoid costly spills

Resources that are still available to you are:

  1. Private Well Owners
  2. Septic Systems
  3. Home Heating Oil Tanks

Special thanks goes to our non-profit partners in their cost effective and well qualified delivery of EHAP education to rural homeowners:

Eastern Region

ACAP Cape Breton
Phone: 902-567-1628

Central and Northern Regions

Clean Foundation
Phone: 902-420-3474

Western Region

Clean Annapolis River Project
Phone: 902-532-7533

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Phone: 902-634-9977