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Pests and Pesticides

Domestic, Commercial and Restricted Pesticides

In Nova Scotia, commercial and restricted class pesticides can only be sold through certified vendor outlets and only sold to provincially certified pesticide applicators.

Domestic class products are available for purchase by the public in retail outlets.

Domestic Class

Domestic class pesticides are intended for use by the public in or around the home. They are designed to have low toxicity and to pose a minimum risk to people and the environment when used according to label directions. Domestic pesticides are available in small packages and provide the consumer with products for such uses as insect, rodent, plant disease and weed control in and around the house. The sale and use of domestic class pesticides is not regulated by Nova Scotia Environment.

Commercial Class

Commercial class pesticides are for use in agriculture, forestry, industry and other commercial operations. Applicators of commercial pesticides need more knowledge on safe handling procedures and require personal protective equipment. More toxic pesticides that may have environmental concerns may be in this category. The sale and use of commercial class pesticides is regulated by Nova Scotia Environment.

Restricted Class

Restricted pesticides are a type of commercial pesticides with certain additional limitations on the label. These restrictions are usually due to the toxicity of the pesticide or to environmental risks related to the use of the product. The limitations can involve display, storage, distribution, use or qualifications of users. Many of the control products used in aquatic and forestry operations fall into this category. The sale and use of restricted class pesticides is regulated by Nova Scotia Environment.