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Pests and Pesticides

Sign Posting Guidelines

For Lawn Care Companies

  1. Under the Pesticide Regulations, section 13, sub-section (9) "... every person who for hire or reward applies a commercial class or restricted class pesticide to a lawn, tree or other area that surrounds a domestic residence, an apartment, a commercial building, or that is located in a public area ..." must post a warning sign.

  2. The warning sign shall be posted immediately after the last application of the pesticide and shall not be removed by the applicator for a period of 24 hours after completion of the treatment area.

  3. The warning sign shall be posted in a prominent position on the land where the pesticide is to be applied.

  4. The warning sign shall measure not less than 21 cm by 23 cm (8.5"x 9") and shall contain the following information:

    • the word "attention" at the top of the sign;
    • the date and time of the actual application;
    • the common trade name of the pesticide and pest control product registration number;
    • appropriate company signs containing the above details may be used, however, they must first obtain the approval of the administrator of the pesticide regulations;
    • all information must be prominently displayed on the front of the sign and must contain only those items indicated above.
    • see a sample sign:


Pesticide Application

Date: _________________________Time: __________

Pesticide Used: _______________________________

PCP#: __________


Applicator: __________________________________

Phone: __________