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Gully Lake and Eigg Mountain-James River

In June, 2003 the provincial government announced its intention to establish two new Wilderness Areas within the Crown land blocks at Gully Lake and Eigg Mountain-James River, in northern Nova Scotia.

Between June 28th and August 13th , 2004, Environment and Labour conducted a public consultation process on the two new candidate wilderness areas. Public information displays were provided in malls and libraries in Antigonish, New Glasgow, and Truro. Background materials were distributed through these regional displays, and at department offices in Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro, and Halifax. Many materials were also available on-line (see below), or by calling a toll-free request line. The consultation process also included opportunities for direct discussion between staff and stakeholders or interest groups.

On March 4, 2005 government announced the designation of Crown lands at Gully Lake and Eigg Mountain-James River under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act. More information, including a summary of public comment is available here and at Environment and Labour offices in Halifax, Truro and Antigonish. A full set of the submissions received during the comment period and the final version of the socioeconomic analysis are also available for viewing at these offices.

For more information please contact Protected Areas Branch, Nova Scotia Environment and Labour at (902) 424-2117, or send an email to

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