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Recent Program Changes

May 2024 – COI form change

On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Program - Certificate of Installation form changes (PDF)

June 2022 – What has changed?

On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Standard (PDF)

June 2022 – Sloping Sand Filter Selection Example (PDF)

June 2022 – Amendments to Standard

  • The Standard now includes a selectable sloping sand filter. Tables have been added to Appendix A. The schematic is found in Appendix D.
  • Some changes to the malfunction sections have been made to improve clarity regarding the Department’s intention for these sections.
  • Some discharge of treated effluent in a malfunction replacement can now be considered under notification.

May 2017 – Amendments to Standard

Table of revisions: Onsite Sewage Standard - 2017 table of revisions (PDF)

May 2016 – New Standard

Question and Answer Factsheet (PDF)