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Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water for Public Water Systems

Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) prepared a due diligence handbook to help owners of public water systems, municipal officials, boards of commissioners and operators understand their roles and responsibilities for managing their public water utilities.

A summary version of the handbook includes a brief description of current legislative and regulatory requirements, gives an overview of the public responsibilities of owning and operating a public water system and provides guidance on the steps owners can take to ensure the protection and safety of users of the system.

The more detailed version of the handbook provides additional guidance on the steps owners can take to be informed and exercise diligent management of their public water system. Information is also provided on industry-accepted standards, optimization programs and best management practices. A due diligence checklist is also included.

The summary document and detailed handbook are guides only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information contained in the guidance documents, the information should not be construed as legal advice regarding the public responsibilities that municipalities or other public water system owners may face.

Drinking water is critical to the health and wealth of our communities and should be treated as a valuable resource. Contact your local NSE office if you have any questions.