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Drinking Water

Application Requirements For Water Withdrawal Approvals

The Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) approvals program for water withdrawals requires that all undertakings requiring approval be carried out in accordance with all acts, regulations, policies, and guidelines administered by NSE. These requirements are continually updated by NSE, as environmental standards are modified to reflect changes and needs. As these requirements are changed, the information required to demonstrate compliance with them may also change. In recognition of this, NSE intends to periodically update this information to reflect the most current requirements.

While every effort will be made to ensure accuracy of information contained in the guides for groundwater and surface water withdrawal approvals, the information should not be construed as legal advice.

Instructions For Using The Guides

Under the Environment Act, the Activities Designation Regulations (Division I) require a water withdrawal approval ("Water Approval") if a surface or groundwater withdrawal exceeds 23,000 litres per day. In order to obtain a withdrawal approval, a completed application form and supporting documentation must be submitted to NSE.

The guides for groundwater and surface water withdrawal approvals outline the minimum submission requirements for the supporting documentation to a water withdrawal application. Each guide is self-contained and includes:

  • introduction and background to the water allocation process
  • supporting documentation requirements
  • submission checklist for supporting documentation

Please refer to the appropriate guide for your application.

Water Approval: Water Allocation