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Protected areas interactive map

This map provides details about existing and proposed parks and protected areas. It includes:

  • lands designated or otherwise considered protected
  • designated bicycle trails
  • designated OHV routes
  • lands in the 2013 Parks and Protected Areas Plan
  • lands proposed or pending designation
  • provincial Crown land
  • aerial photography of the province

Click on an area to get more information about it. You can view the legend, show additional layers, or share the map by choosing these options in the title bar.

This interactive map works best in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Link to larger version of map

© Crown Copyright Province of Nova Scotia
This map is a graphic representation and is meant solely to be an informative resource. It is not intended for legal, surveying, or navigation purposes. Nova Scotia Environment assumes no liability for the use of this information, or for any errors contained herein. This map is a living document and is subject to update or alteration without notice.