Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program

The Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program helps improve the environmental resiliency of agricultural landscapes by accelerating the adoption of on-farm land use and management practices that maximize benefits for the environment and society.


To be eligible, you must be a farm or Mi’kmaq conducting farming activities in a Mi’kmaw community:

  • Currently registered in the correct income category under the Farm Registration Act
  • be a registered landowner on the current certificate of title or deed to the land
  • be entitled to become the registered landowner on certificate of title or deed to the land under a contract, court order or any other legal instrument
  • have an agreement of purchase and sale under the Veterans’ Land Act
  • have a valid land rental agreement (or lease agreement for agricultural Crown Lands) to manage land for the relevant term of the project and acknowledgement from the registered landowner
  • be a Mi’kmaq, Métis Nation or Inuit person or a Mi’kmaq, Métis Nation or Inuit organization managing agricultural land
  • demonstrates not-for-profit status by providing documentatin with land committed from members
  • be a delivery agent, who is acting on behalf of several individual producers and landowners (who qualifies as an eligible applicant working on eligible lands)

Refer to the Program Guidelines for detailed eligibility.

Deadline or important dates

Program Opening:  April 1, 2024
Application Due: June 30, 2024
Claim Deadline:  February 28, 2025

How to apply

Complete the Program Application Form (make sure to check the application for details on all required supporting documents). Send your completed application and supporting documents to the Programs Division office.

You also need to complete the Program Funding Registration Form.


Department of Agriculture
Programs Division
74 Research Drive
Bible Hill, NS B6L 2R2

Phone: 902-893-6377
Toll-free: 1-866-844-4276
Fax: 902-893-7579


Program Guidelines
Program Application
Program Funding Registration Form - Farm Applicants