The Quest for the Perfect Strawberry: An Adventure in Plant Reproduction

Compare sexual and asexual reproduction in strawberries with a hands-on activity while learning about crop breeding and strawberry production for Grade 9 Science teachers, using strawberries as an example.

Teachers can apply to receive a SucSeed hydroponic classroom growing system which includes strawberry seeds and small bare root plants so students can compare growth in real time. An accompanying video series will take students on a visit to Nova Scotia strawberry farms and nurseries in the province and investigate the strawberry breeding program at the Kentville Research and Development Centre.

The Quest for the Perfect Strawberry: An Adventure in Plant Reproduction provides:

  • SucSeed hydroponic growing system with all necessary supplies (and instructions for set up and use)
  • strawberry seeds and plants
  • video series on the Nova Scotia strawberry industry and strawberry breeding research
  • lesson plan with curriculum connections, background information, guiding questions and a list of online resources
  • staff support to answer questions

Teachers should take into consideration:

  • the strawberry seeds will take several months to grow
  • only one application per school will be accepted
  • the program will start in January each year

There are a limited number of SucSeed systems available. If more classrooms apply than can be supported by the program, the Department of Agriculture will prioritize applicants based on the following criteria:

  • geographic location
  • new applicant to the program

This program is also available in French.


Grade 9 science teachers in public schools are eligible to apply. Private schools will be accepted based on resource availability.

How to apply

  1. Determine if the Quest for the Perfect Strawberry: An Adventure in Plant Reproduction is a good fit for your classroom.
  2. Complete the application form by 15 September (Fall) or 1 February (spring)
  3. The Department of Agriculture will review all applications and determine which schools will be able to participate each year.
  4. Teachers will be contacted by 1 February with approximate delivery dates.

How long it takes

Teachers will be notified within 5 business days that their application has been received. Teachers will be notified by 1 February that they have been accepted into this program and an approximate date that the kits will be delivered to their classroom.


There is no cost to participate in this program.

Before you apply

Make sure your school principal is aware of your intention to apply to the program and supports your participation.

Important dates

Fall Applications open 1 June
Fall Applications close 1 June
Spring Applications open 1 December
Spring Applications close 1 February

Apply online

Start now

Other ways to apply

If you are unable to apply online, contact the Agricultural Education office at 902-893-6575 or

Contact Information

Agricultural Education Office
74 Research Dr.
Bible Hill, NS B6L 2R2

Phone: 902-893-6575