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Department of Natural Resources

Hunting Licence: Moose

Who Needs This Licence?

Individuals who qualify as Nova Scotia residents and wish to hunt moose in Nova Scotia. Moose hunting is currently restricted to Inverness and Victoria Counties of Cape Breton Island.

Licences are issued through a lottery draw process. Only Nova Scotia residents* can apply. The application period occurs annually, each spring. More information is available online at:

* Nova Scotia Resident = at any time, means a person permanently or ordinarily resident in the Province for the two months immediately preceding that time, and includes:

  1. an officer of the diplomatic or consular service of a foreign country stationed within the Province,
  2. a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Armed Forces stationed or born in the Province,
  3. a person born in the Province and the owner of real property in the Province
Issuing Department / Agency:
N.S. Department of Natural Resources
Where can you get this Licence and / or further information?
  1. Online at:

  2. By contacting your local Department of Natural Resources Office

  3. Service Nova Scotia- Business Registration Unit
    Office Location: Maritime Centre
    9th Floor, 1505 Barrington Street
    Halifax, NS B3J 2Y4
    Phone: 902-424-4821
Application Forms & Process:
Moose licences are allocated annually through an electronic lottery draw. Individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to apply to the moose draw. Applicants must:
  1. Be a Nova Scotia resident. See definition above
  2. Be at least 18 years of age or older by close of application period
  3. Possess a valid Wildlife Resources Card with certification appropriate to the weapon with which you will be hunting
  4. NOT have held a Moose Hunting Licence in the last 5 years. You can check your eligibility online at:
  5. NOT have any hunting related suspensions

Applications are accepted online and by phone. There is an application fee to apply. Detailed information is available online at:

Waiting Period:

Moose draw winners will receive official notification in the mail. Once SNSMR receives winner's payment, a Moose Hunting Stamp will be mailed directly to moose draw winner.

Expiry :
A Moose Hunting Licence is only valid during the season/dates specified on the stamp.
Price: (HST is not included)

Moose draw application: $8.04 + HST
Moose Hunting stamp: $66.30 +HST
Companion Moose Hunting Stamp: $24.96 + HST
Wildlife Habitat Stamp: $5.15 (no tax)

Wildlife Habitat Stamp (Base licence) + Moose Hunting Stamp = valid Moose Hunting Licence

Related Requirements:
If you are carrying a gun in any wildlife habitat in Nova Scotia, you may be asked to produce the following: 
  1. A Valid N.S.Wildlife Resources Card;
  2. Canadian Firearm Possession & Acquisition Licence, or Canadian Minor's (Firearm) Possession Only Licence (if you are under 18).

    A Meat Permit (Wildlife) to store / keep moose meat.

    NOTE:  Hunting is not allowed in Nova Scotia on Sundays.
Additional Information:
Each moose hunting licence holder can designate four (4) companion hunters who may also fully participate in the hunt (includes carrying a firearm). Companion hunters must:
  1. Be 16 years of age or older and;
  2. Possess a valid Wildlife Resources Card with appropriate hunting certification and;
  3. Possess a valid Companion Moose Hunting Licence and;
  4. Qualify as residents of Nova Scotia
  5. NOT have any hunting related suspensions

Legislative Authority:
Wildlife Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 504

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