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Petroleum Storage Tank System Installer Certificate

Who Needs This Certificate?
  Anyone who wants to install, alter or remove petroleum storage tank systems (regulated under the Petroleum Management Regulations) in Nova Scotia. Note: Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) issues 3 classes of Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Installer Certificates:
Class 1 - A Class One Petroleum Installer's Certificate is required to install or alter petroleum storage tank systems at bulk plants, service stations and motive fuel dispensing outlets. A Class One Certificate meets the requirements for a Class Two and a Class Three Certificate.

Class 2 - A Class Two Petroleum Installer's Certificate restricts an Installer to heating and emergency generator fuel installations and petroleum storage system removals. A Class Two certificate meets the requirements of a Class Three Certificate.

Class 3 - A Class Three Petroleum Installer's Certification permits an Installer only to remove petroleum storage systems.
Issuing Department / Agency:
  Nova Scotia Environmental Monitoring and Compliance
Nova Scotia Environment
Where can you get this Certificate and / or further information?
  Any Regional or District Office of Nova Scotia Environment

  Bedford Regional Office
Nova Scotia Environment

Phone: 902-424-7773
Fax: 902-424-0597
Office Location and Mailing Address:
Attn: Eloise Graves
Nova Scotia Environment
Bedford Regional Office
30 Damascus Road, Suite 115
Bedford Commons
Bedford, NS  B4A 0C1
  For further information on the 4 day remover or 10 day installers Petroleum Storage Tank System Installer Training Course, contact:

Julia Brandwin-Glait
School Manager
Nova Scotia Community College
Phone 902-491-4258
Mobile 902-471-6953
Application Forms & Process:
  What is the Certification process within Nova Scotia?
The process is a two stage process - individuals first must successfully complete a Department recognized PST Installer Training Course and then apply to NSE to be certified as a PST Installer.

What are the steps to become certified?
  1. Individuals must attend and pass the PST Installers Training Course (4 day remover/10 day installers) delivered by the NSCC. (Note: NSCC staff will pre-screen applicants based on the NS Department of Nova Scotia Environment's requirements for certification).

    The Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) offers both a 4 day course (for removal only) and a 10 day course (for installation and removal) at the Akerley Campus located in Dartmouth, NS (please see contact information, above).

    Note: At the present time, this is the only Nova Scotia based PST installer training course that is recognized by Nova Scotia Environment.

  2. The NSCC then provides a list of successful candidates of both the 4 day and the 10 day course to the NS Nova Scotia Environment.

  3. The Department will then forward the candidates a Certified Tank System Installer Registration Application.

  4. Applicants must then fill out the application form and include the following information in order for it to be considered complete: (Note: The applicant must clearly indicate what certification class they are applying for)
    1. Work Experience
    2. Reference Letter
    3. Log Book (if applicable)

  5. The Department will then evaluate the application package. If all requirements are met and the application is approved, a PST Installers Certificate will be sent to the applicant by mail.
Waiting Period:
  A maximum of 60 days, provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received.
Expiry & Renewal:
  This certificate is valid for three years and expires on April 30th of the third year. Note: It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to contact the Department before it expires; A notice of renewal may not be sent out by the Department.
Price: (No tax is charged)
  Please contact the Nova Scotia Community College, see Where can you get . . . above.
Related Requirements:
  Completion of a Training Course delivered by the Community College system, N.S. Department of Education, or by the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government.
Additional Information:
  Is there a regulated requirement for certified PST installers to carry insurance coverage?
NSE does not have a regulatory requirement or stipulate insurance coverage requirements for certified PST installers at the present time.

Can individuals from New Brunswick become certified as PST installers in NS?
Yes, New Brunswick residents have two options to become certified in NS. In the first option, they can attend the NSCC PST Installers Course, write the NS exam, and upon achieving a successful pass mark, make application with the NSE to become certified as a NS PST Installer.

Reciprocity, the second option, NB residents may be able to become certified in NS without taking the NSCC PST Installers Course by challenging the NS PST Installers exam. This may only be done if the NB applicant can show proof that they currently hold a valid NB PST Installers license. There is a $50.00 fee associated with the exam challenge (payable to the NSCC). NB applicants can arrange to write the NS PST exam at any NSE regional office. Note: It is the responsibility of the NB applicant to produce a copy of their valid NB PST installers license at the time of the exam. If they cannot produce the licence at that time, they will not be allowed to write the exam.

NB applicants are also required to include the following information in their application in order for it to be considered complete: (Note: The applicant must clearly indicate what certification class they are applying for)
  1. Work Experience
  2. Reference Letter
  3. Log Book (if applicable)
  4. New Brunswick certification

Note: Expiry of certificates issued through reciprocity will be the same as the expiry of their NB certification.

Can individuals who take the NS PST Installers Training Course become certified in NB?
Applicants wishing to learn more about the certification and application requirements of the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government should contact Mr Benoit Ouettette, P. Eng, with the Remediation and Materials Management (Section), at (506) 453-7945,,
Legislative Authority:
  Environment Act, Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1994-95, Chapter 1, Petroleum Management Regulations

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