Storm emergency updates and support

Last updated: 17 November 2023 at 3:00 pm

Updates on the July 2023 storm, support and recovery information.


Flooding Safety and support before, during and after a flood.
Emergency Kit Checklist (PDF) Supplies that you need for at least 72 hours in an emergency.
Emergency and disaster preparedness Learn what to do before, during and after an emergency.

Financial support

Support for individuals

Disaster financial assistance for residential property owners and tenants: July 2023 floods – Applications are closed.

Support for small businesses and non-profits

Disaster financial assistance for non-profits: July 2023 floods – Applications are closed.

Disaster financial assistance for small businesses: July 2023 floods – Applications are closed.


If you're in a flooded area, make sure you have an emergency kit ready, in case an evacuation order is issued. You shouldn't attempt to shut off electricity if water is present. Also, never cross flooded areas and avoid rivers and streams.

In your community

Each municipality has its own emergency response plan and leads the response for emergency events in their area. Check with your municipality or community for emergency updates and support services.

Mental health resources

Support for mental health and wellbeing is available for children, youth and adults.

Recovery support

Fuel oil tanks

During a flood, tanks can become unstable, unanchored, or damaged, allowing oil to escape. It's important to take steps to keep everyone safe.

Recovery efforts

Check with your municipality or community to find up-to-date information on recovery support near you.

Well water testing

Flooding can contaminate well water with bacteria and chemicals that can make the water unsafe to drink. People with wells should follow the steps here to make sure their well water is safe if flood waters have impacted their well.

News releases

Latest news releases and announcements:

State of Emergency