Why Not You! Web series for parents, guidance and youth counsellors

Choosing a career path is a big decision. If you are helping a student plan their future, you know that choosing the right college or university program and figuring out how to pay for school are two more important decisions that also have long term effects.

The Why Not You? Modules are designed to help YOU help your student(s) make the decision go to post-secondary school, especially if they're not sure whether it's the right decision for them. The modules will also help you help students make informed decisions about investing in their own future and how to pay for school.

Module 1: Is borrowing money from Student Assistance really a good way to fund a post-secondary education? YES, it is.

Module 2: Still not convinced? Busting some common myths about Student Assistance.

Module 3: Who, What, Where, When & How? Take this course in "Applying 101" for parents and youth advisors.

Module 4: Extra Credit: More resources, calculators, and tips to help students get the most education for the least debt.