Treasury and Policy Board

Treasury and Policy Board is a committee of the Executive Council charged with establishing plans and policies for the operation of the government of the Province and ensuring that they are developed and implemented in a co-ordinated and fiscally responsible manner and without limiting the generality of the forgoing, shall include:

  • development and implementation of policies, plans and strategies for the effective administration and operation of government;
  • identification and prioritization of policy issues, selection of policy initiatives and direction of action on policy issues and initiatives;
  • budget preparation and approval and expenditure control;
  • the establishment of reporting requirements to ensure the full accountability of government departments, offices and agencies;
  • ensuring that decisions respecting any provincial investment align with the Government's economic development strategies and priorities; and
  • ensuring alignment between government's fiscal and policy agendas.

Treasury and Policy Board is composed of a Chair being the Honourable Karen L. Casey, and not fewer than five other members of the Executive Council.

The members of the Treasury and Policy Board are the Honourable Diana C. Whalen, the Honourable Michel P. Samson, the Honourable Randy Delorey, the Honourable Labi Kousoulis and the Honourable Mark Furey.

All matters and things coming before the Treasury and Policy Board are subject to Cabinet privilege to the extent that they would be if they came before the Executive Council.

Those members and caucus participants of Treasury and Policy Board who are not also members of the Executive Council shall submit an Oath of Confidentiality.

The Premier and Deputy Premier are ex-officio members of all Committees of the Executive Council.

The Chief of Staff to the Premier, the Senior Policy Advisor to the Premier, the Director of Communications to the Premier, the Deputy Minister to the Office of the Premier/Secretary and Clerk of the Executive Council, the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Policy Board, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Board, and the Executive Director of Executive Council Office are ex-officio staff members of the Treasury and Policy Board Committee.