Access Nova Scotia

Check which services are available at Access Nova Scotia, including hours and what services you can access online.

Before you visit Access Nova Scotia

Before you go to Access Nova Scotia you should:

  • check if your service is available online (you might not need to visit in person)
  • book an appointment to visit in person (you can book up to 3 service options per appointment)
  • make sure the location you plan to visit is open and offers the service you need if you haven’t booked an appointment
  • plan for additional wait time to visit Access Nova Scotia if you don't have an appointment (this helps make sure there’s safe social distancing within Access Nova Scotia)

When you visit

When you visit Access Nova Scotia you should:

  • wear a non-medical mask
  • do your best to keep at least 6 feet (2 metres) away from others

Locations, hours and services

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