Men's Intervention Programs

New Start
45 Alderney Drive, Suite 900, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N6
Tel: (902) 423-4675
New Start Counselling is a non-profit, community-based counselling agency offering individual and group counselling to people affected by domestic abuse and family violence. Men’s and Women’s counselling is available.

Second Chance
440 George St., Suite L170, Sydney, NS B1P 1K3
Tel: 902-567-0979
Fax: 902-567-6923
Second Chance Society is a Men's therapeutic/ educational Domestic Violence Counselling Program, clients must be a minium of 19 years of age to enter into the Program. If you are or have been violent in your relationships please call to speak with a counsellor.

New Direction
P.O. Box 1141, Amherst, Nova Scotia, B4H 4L2
Tel: 902-667-1344
Fax: 902-667-4500
Group support for abusive men who choose to change their behaviours, including safety planning and information on programming for abusive partners, public awareness and public education programs in schools, businesses and various community groups, information and referral programs and services.

PO Box 131, 29 Victoria Road, Bridgewater, N.S., B4V 2W8
Tel: 902-543-7444
Fax: 902-543-0932

New Leaf
P.O. Box 661, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, B2H 5E7
Tel: 902-396-2440
Fax: 902-396-2441
New Leaf offers group counselling for men on the issue of domestic violence, referral to counselling services to women who have been impacted by domestic violence, counselling adolescent males who are showing signs of becoming abusive and doing school presentations on dating violence, healthy relationships, and sexual harassment.

2-670 Prince Street, Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 1G6
Tel: 902-897-6665
Fax: 902-897-0569
Bridges offers anger management and domestic abuse counseling. Bridges is committed to helping people move away from abuse and toward respectful and caring relationships. Bridges focuses on how the decision to use abuse is often influenced by sexism, racism, homophobia and so forth. Bridges is a non-profit organization funded through the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services and private funding.